Green Field Spiritual Hotel

As the owner, I offer Green Field as a spiritual hotel to all of our guests from around the world who stay with us with the purpose of achieving physical wellbeing, positive thinking, peace in the heart and increase the feeling of emotionally spirituality for mind and body. All of this can be achieved directly and indirectly here at Green Field.

You will enjoy a peaceful atmosphere, stunning views of rice fields, beautifully landscaped gardens with ponds, fountains and intricately detailed statues of religious figures, animals and smiling faces which all blend harmoniously with each other and the surrounding environment. The interiors of our rooms have been designed from the heart, with love and decorated with unique touches of art, which creates an atmosphere of relaxation and serenity. At Green Field our guests can experience peace, harmony, a love for the Gods, people and the environment.

The owner's concept of the coexistence between the spiritual and the real world is represented by the statues of Siwa and Buddha.The meaning of Buddha is that we exist in a real world and that of Siwa is we exist in the spiritual world.

The world of Buddha exists all around us therefore we can appreciate a natural life. As twilight begins and we enjoy the sun set, nature comes alive. The sound of singing birds as they swoop over rice fields, ribbiting frogs jumping, and at times the chirping of a gecko all complement the serene and almost silent atmosphere of the early evening. As darkness falls nature becomes one with Green Field.

The owners wish is for all guests who stay to feel connected with nature and the atmosphere of Green Field, something not all may experience at home. His want is for guests to unplug from their digital worlds and reconnect physically and spiritually, to take a moment away from their busy lives, enjoy nature and relax on their holiday.

My concept as the owner is that every guest who enters the area of Green Field will have done meditation without realising it as there is such an abundance of physical and spiritual energy around Green Field due to our place being purified with large ceremonies. With the physical energy Green Field has been built from the heart with peace and sincerity and a high regard to art without focussing on cost. With the spiritual energy Green Field has been purified by a religious Hindu ceremony called "Pecaruan".