Green Field Hotel and Restaurant

At Green Field Spiritual Hotel you will experience the Balinese culture and life and you can
participate in many ways

Painting Lesson
Create your own painting in our artist studio and learn the Ubud-style of Balinese painting

Rice Field Walking
Come close to the nature by walking in the rice fields early morning or afternoon. Every day on request with one of our guides

Mount Batur Trekking

Climb up to the volcano for sunrise will make you find a great adventure

Offering Lesson 
Take part of the religious Hindu tradition and try your own offering assisted by one of our staff.

Purification to "Tirta Empul Temple"

Purify yourself and receive a blessing at holy spring water called "Tirta Empul Temple".

Make and bring  your own special offering being instructed and accompanied by our staff.

Balinese Healing

The traditional healer of Bali is called “Balian”. For your treatment, we are able to make an appointment with the healer.

Sightseeing Trips

Explore the beautiful island of Bali-  Our experienced driver will take you to all places of interest. Well- kepted and air conditioned cars are available for you anytime.